quarta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2007

Adventures in Darkran (I)

A whoosh of light later, a man clad in a blue sweater, jeans and sneakers dropped down onto the floor with a looud thud. The man's name? Oeto Matinder.

- "Muh, what is this? What happened!?", asked Oeto, as he got up, "Where am I?"
- "Darkran", answered a muffled voice.
- "W-who said that?", shouted Oeto, looking around, as he tried to make out where the voice had come from.

Shadows moved in the dark corners of the room Oeto found himself to be in.

- "Does it matter?", said the voice again. Oeto could hear steps now, so "the voice's owner was moving", or so he thought.
- "Where are you? Why am I here?", Oeto replied, still getting back on his feet.
- "So many questions", the steps' noise didn't stop, as the voice continued, "so many questions indeed...".

- "I shall answer some, worry not.", said the voice, walking out of the shadows, "I am Katzu-hun Tai, and I'll be your guide today". A tall, well-built man with fluorescent green eyes and shining silver hair. That is whom the voice belonged to. He wore a black suit, with dark blue contours, that appeared metallic in origin, yet Oeto hadn't heard any clanking noises as the man walked. The man wore a mask that covered his cheeks, that seemed to be a part of his "exoskeleton".

- "What.. what are you?", asked Oedo, stunned by how alien the man appeared to be. Glowing, fluorescent green eyes were something he had never seen before.
- "That, I cannot answer.", Katzu-hun coldly answered, "Next question."

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