sexta-feira, junho 22, 2012


In no particular order unless stated otherwise:
  1. Drive car on the highway to the sound of the HyperSpace background music from Star Control 2;
  2. Play WoW boardgame + Burning Crusade expansion with the same folks as the first playthrough;
  3. Acquire both expansions to the D&D boardgame;
  4. Play full campaign of D&D boardgame + expansions with the same folks from the first incomplete playthrough;
  5. Play (and maybe buy) Descent: Journeys in the Dark;
  6. Legitimately top DPS charts as Ret once;
  7. Write and run WarCraft-based pen&paper role-playing campaign;
  8. Finish Devil May Cry 3; DONE!
  9. Write passable fantasy novel based on elements;
  10. Get over Leesha being raped;
  11. Finish moving on regarding current romantic crush-like thing;
  12. Cosplay as TF2 Spy;
  13. Cosplay as TF2 Medic;
  14. Finish Command & Conquer 3;
  15. Pull "spaghetti falling out of my pockets" prank on unsuspecting girl during halloween/carnaval;
  16. Get 100% as the drums on max difficulty in one track from Rock Band 3;
  17. Play through and finish massive Steam backlog;
  18. Actually play passable drums as a last-minute replacement drummer wearing a mask in concert (fantasy). Track must be the Transformers theme song from the 1986 movie;
  19. Reach professional-grade voice acting ability with voice (fantasy);
  20. Watch "Captain America - The First Avenger" movie; DONE!
  21. Watch "The Avengers" movie after completing feat #20; DONE!
  22. Propose marriage using modified lyrics of the Pokémon cartoon's season 1 opening theme song, with no-vocals version of music actually playing in the background (fantasy) (fucking genius) (nerd);
  23. Finish writing modified lyrics to The Beatles' "Hey Jude" as "Hey Jews";
  24. Pay back debt to friend;
  25. Make father proud.
I may add to this list later on.

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