terça-feira, outubro 29, 2013

A husk

of pride, arrogance, ennui, hubris, indifference, self-pity, self-hatred, cold impotent rage, self-doubt, irrelevance, lack of self-respect, and passivity.

sexta-feira, novembro 02, 2012

terça-feira, setembro 04, 2012

segunda-feira, agosto 13, 2012

One day I'll

tell my friends how important they are to me, how they keep me relatively sane, etc.

Today is not that day, neither is tomorrow.

Maybe in September.

sexta-feira, junho 22, 2012


In no particular order unless stated otherwise:
  1. Drive car on the highway to the sound of the HyperSpace background music from Star Control 2;
  2. Play WoW boardgame + Burning Crusade expansion with the same folks as the first playthrough;
  3. Acquire both expansions to the D&D boardgame;
  4. Play full campaign of D&D boardgame + expansions with the same folks from the first incomplete playthrough;
  5. Play (and maybe buy) Descent: Journeys in the Dark;
  6. Legitimately top DPS charts as Ret once;
  7. Write and run WarCraft-based pen&paper role-playing campaign;
  8. Finish Devil May Cry 3; DONE!
  9. Write passable fantasy novel based on elements;
  10. Get over Leesha being raped;
  11. Finish moving on regarding current romantic crush-like thing;
  12. Cosplay as TF2 Spy;
  13. Cosplay as TF2 Medic;
  14. Finish Command & Conquer 3;
  15. Pull "spaghetti falling out of my pockets" prank on unsuspecting girl during halloween/carnaval;
  16. Get 100% as the drums on max difficulty in one track from Rock Band 3;
  17. Play through and finish massive Steam backlog;
  18. Actually play passable drums as a last-minute replacement drummer wearing a mask in concert (fantasy). Track must be the Transformers theme song from the 1986 movie;
  19. Reach professional-grade voice acting ability with voice (fantasy);
  20. Watch "Captain America - The First Avenger" movie; DONE!
  21. Watch "The Avengers" movie after completing feat #20; DONE!
  22. Propose marriage using modified lyrics of the Pokémon cartoon's season 1 opening theme song, with no-vocals version of music actually playing in the background (fantasy) (fucking genius) (nerd);
  23. Finish writing modified lyrics to The Beatles' "Hey Jude" as "Hey Jews";
  24. Pay back debt to friend;
  25. Make father proud.
I may add to this list later on.

quinta-feira, junho 21, 2012

I should write a list

of the things I'd like to do at least once some day.

segunda-feira, abril 16, 2012